Cybersecurity challenges demand cohesive responses.

New cybersecurity challenges appear every day. Striving towards success in this environment requires keen insight, thorough planning, and disciplined execution. More importantly, effectively facing into new cybersecurity challenges requires a cohesive response.

Most corporate cybersecurity strategies are simply three-year or five-year rolling resource budgets adjusted as-needed when circumstances dictate or on a fixed schedule. While planning is an essential management tool, resource budgets cannot deliver what senior managers want: a pathway to substantially higher performance. Real strategy is neither a budget nor a forecast, but a coherent approach based on analysis of forces impacting the organization.

The Monterey Group provides strategic advisory services for public and private sector organizations faced with cybersecurity challenges. We have a successful history of informing decision makers through objective analysis, diagnosis of key issues, and supplying rational viewpoints. We have a proven track record of helping a wide variety of clients develop better and more effective cybersecurity initiatives and programs. We help clients understand the now, and make desired futures real. Read more...

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