VitalSigns are rapid, focused engagements that generate near-term, tactical responses to specific cybersecurity challenges.

Objective observations by experienced professionals are an important part of determining performance of cybersecurity programs. By evaluating Key Security Indicators (KSI), our experts “take the pulse” of a situation and recommend possible plans of action.

The VitalSigns program offers a high-impact starting point for cost-conscious clients’ most pressing security-related matters before potentially investing in more comprehensive, strategy-focused initiatives.

Benefits of the VitalSigns program includes:

  • High-value assessments with minimal commitment.
  • Easy-to-understand reports.
  • Actionable, tactical plans for addressing immediate security or compliance challenges.
  • Proof that a “nagging little issue” is, or is not, related to something more serious.
  • The first step towards substantially higher performance.

The VitalSigns program is organized around three themes:

Actionable, tactical plans derived from rapid, focused assessments using key security indicators.